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    Posted on February 20, 2011 by in COMMUNITY

    I began my transition from vegetarian to vegan while living in New York City so I was really apprehensive about moving back to Las Vegas this winter and being vegan here. When you think of Las Vegas bright lights, gambling and showgirls may come to mind but vegan…not so much. I lived in the East Village which is like the epicenter of Manhattan’s vegan, raw vegan and wellness scene. So what is a confused vegan to do? I used twitter! I tweeted “Looking for vegan friendly places in Vegas” and received a link from Las Vegas Vegan Chef Mayra forwarding me to VegasVeg.com. I was pleasantly surprised to find recommended vegan friendly restaurants, groups and activities happening right here in Las Vegas. Vegas Veg is a fantastic resource for local vegans and vegans visiting Las Vegas who are lost and confused in our city saturated in steakhouses.  Encouraged by my findings I reached out to Elaine the founder of Vegas Veg and she was kind enough to do a Q & A with us.

    Meet the Vegas Veg crew!

    1. What inspired you to start Vegas Veg?
    Our group is called Vegas Veg and our website is vegasveg.com. We are a grassroots group of vegans and vegetarians who encourage veganism for the benefit of animals, the planet, and human health. We use both Facebook and Meetup to announce news and group events. We began as a vegetarian potluck club on meetup.com and evolved into much more.

    Vegas Veg has reached millions of people with a compassionate message to choose vegan, vegetarian, or to reduce their meat consumption. We’ve done that through a set of billboards created with the national animal advocacy group, Mercy for Animals. And for a more personal touch, we’ve worked with Vegan Outreach to distribute over 15,000 educational pamphlets that educate people about farmed animal suffering.

    Soon, we will help Mercy for Animals share their new mini-documentary Farm To Fridge, which exposes the rampant abuse and neglect of farmed animals, available online at meatvideo.com. {Check out veganconsultant.com’s interview with Matt Rice from Mercy for Animals for more information}. And we’ll be involved with Vegans in Vegas, a free seminar in May geared specifically towards men. We still do potlucks, though. They’re a great way to share vegan recipes and make new friends!

    2. When and why did you go vegan?

    I went vegetarian when I was six years old when I learned what meat was – dead animals. At age 13, I went vegan for a year. But being just a teen back before the Web was available with websites like my own vegansoapbox.com to help newbie vegans, I caved and went back to being a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I stayed that way for decades, only ever flirting with the idea of going vegan again. Finally, almost 5 years ago I went vegan for good when everything just clicked and I ran out of excuses.

    3. What advice do you have for fellow vegans living in Las Vegas {i.e. where to shop, eat, etc}?
    The staples of a plant-based diet can be found at any grocery store in the produce section and the dried goods. Most grocery stores these days even have soy milk, tofu, and some specialty vegan treats like coconut milk based ice cream or vegan salami. So being vegan in Vegas, even without vegan-friendly restaurants, is definitely possible. But with the addition of vegan-friendly restaurants, whose numbers are growing, being vegan in Vegas is no problem! We list plenty of vegan-friendly restaurants on our website at vegasveg.com/food.html or you can do a simple web search and find vegan options.

    I particularly enjoy Red Velvet Café, Long Life Vege, and Mint. Remember; just ask your server if they have vegan options because many restaurants have at least one or two vegan entrees.

    Stay updated with Vegas Veg’s events, meet ups and yummy potlucks!


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