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    After connecting with Paul via twitter discussing vegan foods, he introduced me to his band Mojave. After a minute into the first song I knew we had to do an interview for Music & Veggies! Their songs are really cool yet powerful… good combo. Here is our interview with Mojave and be sure to listen to their music!

    1. How did the band start, who are the members, and where you are located?

    Mojave is Lisa and I (Paul). We play with a lot of other musicians, on the road and on our all albums (violin, cello, drums, bass, banjo, piano) – but the core is Lisa and I, writing the songs and performing. The band started in 2007 when Lisa and I would get together at English Bay (in Vancouver) and write music on the beach. At the time, we were both in metal bands in town, so it was a nice break to strip music down to it’s essence, and just have vocals and acoustic instruments. From there Mojave became a side project to the other bands we were in… but over time, as we recorded a full album and began playing more shows, Mojave has taken over our full attention. And now, we’re currently located in Tofino, BC (a tiny surf town on the west coast of Vancouver Island).

    2. How would you describe your music?

    I would describe it as the unfiltered music we create. We don’t care about genre or making sure each song fits into “style of the band”. So in that regard it’s liberating. In regard to your question, my answer is pretty vague :-) If I needed to label it, I’d say “alt acoustic rock”.

    3. Where is your biggest inspiration to create music?

    Life.  We write about what we know and what we experience. So the good, the bad and the ugly show up in our lyrics and the expression of each song.

    4. Where is your favorite place for vegan food?

    As much as I love the tremendous amount of vegan options in Vancouver, I’d have to say our favourite vegan food in the world is Native Foods. No exaggeration, one time we ate there 5 nights in a row (in Palm Springs). Chef Tanya is my culinary hero and basically a vegan cooking genius. Close seconds would be Gorilla Foods (Vancouver), Rawthentic (Qualicum Beach), Sweetpea Baking (Portland), Delicious Vegetarian (Winnipeg) and Mint Bistro (Las Vegas). Touring takes us all over Canada and the US, so when we have time to search out vegan restaurants in a town we don’t know, it’s good clean fun.

    5. Is it difficult to tour and stay vegan?

    It’s never difficult to stay vegan, we’d both rather be hungry than eat something involving animal cruelty. It can be difficult to find vegan options though, since touring involves three things that take up 24 hours of most days (driving, performing and sleeping). So sometimes we have to rely on groceries we’ve got in the band vehicle if there’s no time to stop, or if the place is too small to even know what “vegan options” are in any restaurant. There are a lot of pleasant surprises though – like going to a city we think might not have anything, but finding tons of vegan restaurants (like Winnipeg!). We’ve learned to be prepared and always have tons of stacks and food on hand, since you never know where the next actual meal in a restaurant might be. Having said that, it never hurts to ask politely at a restaurant if the kitchen can make something vegan – I’ve always had amazing luck with that, and am always completely grateful to the restaurant if they accommodate. Being connected to the vegan community through twitter and facebook helps too, since everyone’s always happy to share dining suggestions. We’ve even had offers from locals to cook us vegan meals!

    6. What are you working on now?

    Talking to you and answering these questions :-) Also, we’re writing our third album right now, and are looking forward to playing some shows and festivals we’ve got booked in the spring and summer. I’m also working on finishing a slice of delicious vegan and gluten-free chocolate cake with cherries I canned last fall…

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    * Listen to both albums for free here *

    Mojave Website



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  1. thanks for interviewing us! people can stream both our albums for free here: http://store.mojave.fm/