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    Posted on March 4, 2011 by in COMMUNITY

    Meet the vegan trailblazer behind Rose Pedals Vegan Weddings. As we take this journey together exploring all the different ways to incorporate veganism into our lives, why not make the biggest day of your life veg as well? Kristin is showing couples how to make their special day be in line with your morals and values. It is my pleasure to stare Kristin’s Q & A with Vegan Consultant’s readers. The main point I took away from this interview was if you have a really good idea that you believe in… Go for it!

    1. How did Rose Pedals Vegan Weddings start? Where are you located?

    The concept of a vegan wedding site has been something that I’ve been sitting on for at least a year and a half. I’d been thinking about starting an online business for many years prior but hadn’t hit any “ah ha” ideas until the pun “rose pedals” somewhat randomly crossed my mind while waiting for the T (in Boston) one afternoon.

    Before that day, in an effort to spawn new business ideas I started reading books like The 4-Hour Work Week (by Tim Ferris) and Crush It! (by Gary Vaynerchuck), and reading websites and blogs like Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. And even before this time I’ve always had an interest in event planning and weddings in general. I used to watch TLC’s “Perfect Proposal” every day after middle school. So it wasn’t completely out of the blue that I would someday bring weddings and veganism together. I had also started a job that enabled me to make many contacts within the vegan community and monitor various vegan blogs and such. Between the realization that an exclusive vegan wedding resource wasn’t yet available, combined with my interest in weddings and veganism, I thought – this would be a great niche website! So there I am, standing, waiting for the T and I was thinking… vegan weddings, vegan proposals… what’s “green” about vegan weddings (million things cross my mind including – carbon footprint)…. “AH HA!  A bride riding a bicycle. How cute!  And what if her name is Rose. Rose is pedaling a bicycle. PUN! = Rose Pedals Vegan Weddings.”

    The true excitement came when I found what I thought was the perfect name for such a website. I even called my boyfriend and my mom – before I got on the T – to tell them about the name. Later that very night I stumbled upon vegan illustrator, Amanda Chronister’s website and immediately knew that she would be the one who would create Rose. She drew up various versions of Rose on a bicycle, and other “Roses” that I thought about using for Facebook and Twitter icons. So, I had the very basics… and then…. well, and then I sat on the URL and the drawings (and by that I mean did nothing with them) for another 6-8 months. I was busy with 2 jobs and didn’t know where to start. I finally just made myself set a launch date (Valentine’s Day of this year) and went for it.

    2. When and why did you become vegan?

    Best answer to that is here Vegan Mainstream.

    3. Where is the most popular place to have a vegan wedding?

    Good question – I’m honestly not sure. There have been no obvious themes yet (though I’ve only featured 6 couples so far). But I’d say so far it seems as though local/close to home is where most couples are getting hitched. However, I plan to do a LOT of research on vegan venues and resources and I’m going to start a series of posts about vegan weddings by State. It should be interesting! :)

    4. How are your favorite vegan friendly vendors?

    The site is so teeny tiny right now that I love every single one of the vendors that have signed on already. Their support is super important to me, in these early phases of the site.

    5. What has been your most memorable moment during a wedding?

    Usually, for me, when the bride is walking down the aisle I get a little choked up. But then when the dancing starts at the reception… well, that’s great too!

    6. What are the biggest non vegan culprits at weddings?

    The food, for sure! For many couples (vegan or not) it’s the most important part of the reception. They want everyone to be please and there is pressure, for vegan couples, to “wow” their guests… or even convince their family members that having only vegan food will be okay.

    7. What is your favorite vegan resource?

    The Internet! I know that’s not very specific but honestly, these days you can just Google “vegan [fill in the blank]” and you’re bound to find something helpful.

    8. What is your favorite vegan restaurant or dish?

    I’m pretty much in love with a number of vegan restaurants in NYC, San Francisco, and Boston (where I currently live). I don’t think I can pick just one! Right now (it changes every so often) my favorite vegan dish is any of the pizza’s from Peace O’ Pie in Allston, MA.

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