• Spotlight: Eco Vegan Gal

    Posted on April 13, 2011 by in COMMUNITY


    I really admire Whitney Lauritsen’s approach to eco-friendly living and the vegan lifestyle. Her website EcoVeganGal.com gives those living a eco-friendly lifestyle and those who are just starting out, a great platform to learn and grow. Coming from a marketing background and watching trends in “green marketing” where a lot of green washing happening in the market place and it is important to have trusted “go-to” people. I personally enjoy Whitney’s website because of her honest work providing information to live a more sustainable and healthy life. I also love how her dog is eco vegan too : ) She was kind enough to give us a lovely interview. Here is my interview with the Eco Vegan Gal:

    1. What is Eco Vegan Gal?

    A website devoted to information on health and sustainability. I write articles, do photography, and make videos on food, events, people, and places around the country.

    2. What is your main goal for Eco Vegan Gal?

    To educate people about being green and eating plant-based foods. I aim to demonstrate how easy and fun it can be while making a big impact on the body and the planet.

    3. Can you tell us more about the cuties on Eco Vegan Dog?

    My Jack Russel companion eats vegan as well and lives a green lifestyle with me. From recycled toys to biodegradable waste bags to her vegan collar, Evie is the eco-vegan dog! Though I don’t have a chance to update that site as much as my main site, I update it as much as possible with information about raising vegan dogs with environmentally-friendly practices.

    4. How has being vegan helped you in your personal life and in business?

    Being vegan has given me a whole new outlook on life. I feel more connected to my body and the planet. I’m so much healthier, especially since I started eating a whole foods diet and cut out gluten and soy, and reduced the amount of refined sugar I eat. Business wise, veganism inspired me to become a journalist, a career path I never thought I’d take – it came organically out of having more passion about being vegan than I knew what to do with!

    5. What tips can you give consumers to help them distinguish between a business that is truly green and one that is green washed?

    Read about companies, find out what makes them green, and contact them to ask questions – if a company goes the extra mile to explain why they’re eco they are probably reputable. Look for solid statements and beware of trendy eco phrases. My green standards are: organic, made in my country, fair-trade, minimal packaging, plastic-free, and non-toxic ingredients – all of the above is ideal. See if environmentalists have reviewed them or written about them.

    6. What is your advice to someone who thinking of going vegan or having a hard time being fully vegan?

    Be patient with yourself – rushing into something new can be a challenge and scary, and going vegan is a different journey for everyone. Focus on your favorite foods and find things that make you feel full and satisfied. If you miss a meat or dairy product, find a vegan alternative. Read books, both informational and recipe based. Look for vegan communities in your area, such as meetup groups or online forums – having a support system is very important. Be confident in your choice to go vegan – many people will challenge you on it, but never let that get in your way.

    7. What’s next for Eco Vegan Gal?

    It’s always developing, but I hope to do a lot more video content and take it to a more professional level. I would love to develop the site into a great healthy vegan resource, so I’m working on ways to make the site more user friendly and interactive.

    8. Where is your favorite place to eat vegan food?

    Such a hard question! Right now my favorite restaurant is Gracias Madre in San Francisco – organic vegan Mexican food!! I have to give shout-outs to Seed Kitchen in Venice Beach and Candle 79 in NYC – the people behind these restaurants are incredible and so is their food. I also really love to cook, so Rainbow Grocery in SF is amazing because I can find just about any ingredient there and they have the most amazing bulk section ever.