• Spotlight: GirlieGirl Army

    Posted on June 7, 2011 by in COMMUNITY


    When I feel like a night out on the town I love sassy dresses, high heels, a cocktail (or two) and having lots of fun. The dilemma I use to find myself  in is having to put my moral and values on hold in order to do so. I love the GirlieGirl Army because founder Chloe Jo has created a community for “Glamazon Guide to Green Living”. Her site is fun, playful yet down to business when it comes to animal welfare, veganism and living eco-conscious. I was happy to interview Chloe Jo to learn more about the GirlieGirl Army, what vegan fashions she loves for Spring and what’s up next. Cheers to green glamazon living!

    1.  What is the major reason you to live a green/eco-friendly lifestyle?

    GirlieGirl Army is a niche that I personally had been looking for when I had my whole vegan “aha” moment.  I wanted to find a place for fabulous people who love animals and mama earth, but didn’t want to dump their lipgloss and cocktails.  It’s a place for the fashionable and passionate activist, it was an online community that I needed, so I created it. You can find out what to do with frizzy hair and what’s going on in Darfur. You can wear hemp pasties under your couture gown, but head out to a benefit for pit bulls, all while nursing your toddler.  Ce’st ma vie! You can live a fascinating, exciting life but also care about the earth. The two are not incongruous.  Every day we share an amazing recipe, glam beauty tip, Mamazon advice, or celebrity feature that we would personally get excited about reading.  My readers are like my sisters (and brothers,) and they know they are.  I think that’s why GirlieGirl Army has stayed around as long as it has!

    2.  How did you turn your passion for green living into a success eco-friendly website?

    I suppose the same reasons as above.

    3.  What are a few of your favorite girlie green items for spring?

    In love with the new cri de couer 70’s inspired fringed bags and peep toe booties. Loving the Prairie Underground hooded sweatshirts for chilly evenings because they look really chic, but are just hoodies. Obsessed with the Lavera rose moisturizer, so delicious smelling and prepping my skin for sunshine!

    4.  Where is your favorite spot for vegan food?

    I’m a Candle 79 purist and superfan!

    5.  How green do you think is New York City is?

    Everything is what you make it.  You can live off the grid and be a total consumerist ham-eating waster. You can live in a high rise and take subways only, cloth diaper your kids, and eat only local.  It’s really a personal “how green do you think your life is” question.  I think my family is a work in progress, we do our very best, but can definitely be seen hailing the occasional taxi!

    6.  What’s next for the Girlie Girl Army?

    After filming three tv shows in the last few years – all of which ended up not getting picked up by network – we are taking a break from that angle and focusing on writing books, events, speaking engagements, and raising babies! And the site is about to have a gorgeous redesign – we’d love for you to all join us at the launch – but you have to sign up to get the invite.  We also are planning on lots more contests and discount codes in 2011, so prepare your winning streak and cheapskate moves!

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