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    The vegan community in Las Vegas is small compared to my native land of New York and our neighboring mega city Los Angeles but veganism is on the rise here! Each day my conviction grows deeper when I connect with likeminded people who see and feel this movement growing as well. It’s true we don’t have a vegan drive thru, lots of vegan restaurants and vegan singles speed dating (yet) but the opportunities I see here are breathe taking. I highlighted individuals and businesses who I feel are making moves to heat things up in Las Vegas. On your next trip here be sure to check out the growing vegan community. Feel the heat!


    Organic Chick

    Geraldine Castillo is the Organic Chick. After a stimulating taste testing of Geraldine’s “Pulled Pork” I wanted to help spread the word about this new vegan chef in Las Vegas. Her creations are organic, vegan and vegetarian. The Organic Chick has a great blog with lots of vegan recipes to recreate.


    Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro

    This vegan Caribbean Fusion restaurant is the brain child of Las Vegas local Chef Mayra. Her signature style is creating mouthwatering dishes with fresh, organic, unrefined ingredients with island flare. The pre-grand opening party is called “Mojito Moves Caribbean Energy Party” being held on July 15th. To purchase tickets, click here.

    Veg Out

    I was so excited to find Veg Out at the local farmer’s market! Steph {one of the owners} has great energy along with serving savory foods each week. From their creamy basil sauce, cheeze sauce and sweet treats you may not believe their foods are actually low in fat. Must try!

    Red Velvet Café

    Exciting news to report that vegan {and non vegan} favorite Red Velvet Café will be opening their second location inside the Fashion Show Mall on Las Vegas Boulevard {across from the Wynn hotel}. This will be a great find for hungry vegans on the strip. Red Velvet Café serves vegan, vegetarian and meat which will allow everyone to find something to eat. Don’t leave without trying their amazing array of vegan treats. The classic Red Velvet cupcake is my favorite. RSVP for Vegas Veg meetup to their new location on June 26th, see you there!

    Sunrise Coffee

    Recently I have been hanging out here often meeting with vegan friends like @LJPendizzle . It’s a great locals place to grab coffee, a vegan wrap and talk all things veg! Love their large coffee mugs and having a few options for non-dairy milks. They also happen to play a lot of my favorite music. Big plus.

    Tonopah Community Garden

    This not for profit garden sells fresh, local, healthy, pesticide-free fruit and vegetables. Located in downtown Las Vegas, this garden is a first of its kind. Check out their website for location, hours and to offer a donation.


    Every Saturday and Sunday this open air market offers seasonal produce, handmade modern craft, artisans & more. Fresh52 has been running for over a year and was voted best farmers market in Nevada Wellness Magazine. Check out their website for locations and hours.

    Health and Wellness

    Positive Seeds

    As a certified holistic health coach Maggie creating conscious living through food with her clients. Her specialty is Macrobiotics, not exclusively vegan but very vegan friendly. The importance for holistic health coaching is growing and especially living in a city like Las Vegas where it is easy to fall into poor health habits. Maggie has positive energy exuding from her and would be a great person to add to your personal wellness team.  Visit her website to set up a consultantion.

    Bamboo Wellness

    Currently Elyse is studying to become a certified holistic health coach at IIN. She is very enthusiastic about the positive changes happening in Las Vegas and is a great person to brainstorm with. Her blog Bamboo Wellness is fun, exciting and adventurous as she talks about their wellness journey. Very inspiring!

    Kaori Ninomiya

    Japanese native Kaori is now a local Las Vegas vegan. She is studying to become a certified health coach at IIN and created a blog following her journey. Kaori is a great supporter of veganism, VeganConsultant.com and has a great energy about her. If you speak Japanese you’re in luck so check out her blog {or just use google translater}.


    Las Vegas local Ina Mohan is a wonderful member of the local vegan community. She created an online guide to healthy, cruelty-free, and sustainable living with Belsandia. Ina is a great source for vegan news and current events. Belsandia is also a great place to find green events from all over the country.


    Wild Grass Media

    This is my personal project which sprouted in this month. Wild Grass Media is a boutique media company with the intention to grow innovative ideas, responsibly. We are rooted in the belief that living a healthy, balanced and compassionate lifestyle is vital to achieving our entrepreneurial goals. While all clients are not exclusively vegan they have one thing in common; a social mission to better the community. I’ll soon be showcasing my “wellness team” of local practitioners to explain the dynamic of wellness and achieving goals. The vegan lifestyle will be highlighted in our blog {coming soon} educating people on the power of plants in order to live their wildest dreams!


    Vegas Veg

    Thank goodness for Vegas Veg! Honestly, not sure what I would have done without this group. There are always adding lots of great vegan events, hosting monthly vegan drinks and fun activities. If you are a local interested in veganism be sure to attend a meetup. Everyone is friendly, down to earth and ready to help you live a happy vegan lifestyle. Vegas Vegan Drinks is Wednesday, June 22nd, see you there!

    Vegans In Vegas

    This event was amazing and fingers crossed it will happen again next year! Vegans in Vegas showcased people making big moves in veganism from Mercy for Animals founder Nathan Runkle to Jack Norris of Vegan Outreach. I felt so proud to be a local and have Las Vegas {finally} host a vegan event of this nature. Hope to see you there next year.

    Sneak Peek: I am slowly constructing the ultimate eBook about veganism in Las Vegas.  My goal is to publish by Spring 2012. Stay tuned.

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  1. Viva La Vegans! Thanks for promoting the vegan lifestyle!