• Review: Chunks of Energy

    Posted on July 1, 2011 by in COMMUNITY


    Dancing Star LLC started in Buckland, Massachusetts in 1992 and has created the delicious line of Chunks of Energy. With organic, raw and vegan choices I was delighted to try a new raw vegan product. Their niche is bite-sized energy snacks, unpackaged and carefully sourced ingredients. The organic ingredients are certified by QCS of Gainseville, Flordia. {Photo by Chunks of Energy}

    After trying two different flavors 100% Raw Cacao with Goji and Carob SuperGreens. Both were very tasty, filled with quality organic raw vegan goodness and perfect bit sizes. My favorite was the Carob SuperGreens! With organic carob power, pumpkin seeds, wheat grass, spinach, beets and more powerful ingredients I was sold. It was like they put ALL my favorite foods into one bit-size snack.

    You can find Chunks of energy in the bulk aisle of Whole Foods Markets and other health food stores. Make sure you pick up the VEGAN flavors. These fun snacks for perfect road trips, quick energy boost during work or before cocktails {well that’s what I did hehe}.

    Loving super greens on the go!