• Vegan Steven

    Posted on October 31, 2011 by in COMMUNITY

    Meet vegan blogger Steven!

    I am a writer/blogger for ThisDishIsVeg.com. I am the founder of the vegans and vegetarians of the tri-cities. I am also the founder of a new student animal rights group on my campus. My focus as an activist is to unite people in the realization that all oppression is equal and should be fought against equally, never to ignore one type while fighting for another.

    1.  When and why did you start your journey to become vegan?

    I first becamse vegan 1 year ago. I use to be the biggest meat eater of them all, but I randomly educated myself about facotry farms and that of course led into all kinds of other information. It didn’t take long to find out about the environmental impact and the health benefits, so I’ll never be going back. I am vegan for life!

    2.  What are the best and worst aspects of living vegan for you?

    Honestly everything about being vegan is the best. We have the best tasting food and a supportive community. I never feel like being a vegan is even hard at all. If I had to pick the worst thing I guess it would be constantly being ridiculed and attacked by others who still consume animal products. I don’t let that get me mad though, they just don’t see the big picture yet!

    3.  How have you incorporated veganism in other aspects of your life besides what you eat? If yes, how so?

    Yes as a matter of fact I sure have! Not only are all of my meals vegan, but I try and make sure everything I purchase is vegan friendly. There are some awesome vegan shoes out there from companies like TOMS or Ipath. I also don’t support circuses or any other oraganization that abuses animals for entertainment. As there is no set definition for vegan, to me vegan means not supporting oppression of any kind! So in my lifestyle choices I try to make purchases that don’t oppress humans or animals at all! It’s all the same fight!

    4.  How do you deal with eating and socializing with non vegans? {i.e. going to non vegan dinner parties, restaurants, family reunions, etc}

    My family is nice enough to usually make something vegan for me, I am the only vegan in the family so I’m pretty lucky they accomodate for me. Most restraunts have SOMETHING I can munch on at the least, but in situations where they don’t, I just don’t eat. It doesn’t bother me at all, I’d rather be not eating than eating other sentient beings.

    5.  What would you suggest to someone thinking about going vegan or starting to become vegan?

    Well my suggestion would simple be to do it. Go vegan! I promise you now that you’ll have never felt better about any other lifestyle change you could make! Research the facts, get the info down, and go out and by some new groceries!!!

    6.  What are your favorite vegan resource, product and/or service?

    Well I am of course a huge fan of thisdishisveg.com and most other vegan sites out there. I love food but I am addicted to those pepperoni Tofurky pizzas, they are so good! I don’t eat them all the time, but when I eat one I EAT ONE. No leftovers, check please! If you haven’t slipped on a pair of TOMS vegan shoes, you are missing out! Most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve had in quite some time!

    7.  What is your favorite vegan restaurant or dish?

    My favorite vegan restaurant is Rosetta’s Kitchen in Asheville N.C. They offer a variety of dishes like tempeh ruebens, peanut butter tofu, and tempelo wings with vegan ranch(my fav). They have a delicious selection of sides ranging from greens and mashed potatoes with vegan gravy to sweet potato fries with chipolte ketchup (fav #2).

    Although Rosetta’s rocks your taste buds to the next level, nothing can compare to my favorite dish. Veronica’s Vegan Gumbo! It’s so good I want to cry everytime I eat it. Here’s a link to the recipe! It’s the 3rd recipe on the page, you’ll be thanking me later.

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