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    I received the Jazzy Vegetarian cookbook and immediately flipped through the pages looking for a recipe to try. All of the recipes looked so good it was hard to choose, but I went for the Jazzy Black Bean Chili because I absolutely love a good, wholesome, hearty, filling meal! All of the ingredients in this recipe are things that are easily accessible at your regular grocery store and things that everyone has heard of. No crazy ingredients that one would have to find at a health food store or Google what it actually is. So, that right there was awesome! Making the meal was super easy and very straightforward. After tasting my first bite, I was sold! This is one of the best tasting chili’s I have ever had! It is so hearty, filling and full of vegetables. My husband actually went back for, not seconds, but thirds! It has so much flavor and only uses 1/8th teaspoon of salt! Over all I would say I picked a winner and I’m super thankful to have this cookbook because I will definitely be working this into my weekly or biweekly meal planning!

    With the HUGE sweet tooth that I have, I also decided to go ahead and make a dessert as well. I am a chocoholic so naturally I picked the Pots de Crème recipe, which is basically a chocolate mousse. This is a super easy recipe to make with only 4 ingredients but you do have to make it ahead of time because it has to refrigerate for 4-24 hours. I will say that after having this dessert it is absolutely amazing! It is so smooth and light and tastes so delicious! It would be an awesome recipe to double, triple, or even quadruple, if you were having a dinner party and you wanted to make something fancy without taking too much time or effort. It is fast to throw together and pop in the fridge while you move along to something else. This would even be something you could serve in wine or martini glasses to get that extra fancy look when serving!

    This book is also very practical. The only thing I didn’t necessarily like about this book is that none of the recipes have a calorie count. Even if you are not a calorie counter, sometimes it is nice to know how many calories are in something just so you know if you should skip that 8:00 p.m. snack or not!

    Flipping through the rest of the recipes, all of them have ingredients that almost everyone has heard of and used before and the recipes are written very well. The author, Laura Theodore, even has menu plans towards the front of the book so you can put together full course meals that complement each other. She also has ingredient information and tips as well. Overall, this is a great cookbook for a vegan or vegetarian to incorporate into their meal planning as the recipes are easy and delicious! Makes you just wanna grab a glass of vino and play some jazz music while your cooking and enjoying a delicious meal!

    Laura Theodore is The Jazzy Vegetarian and she will help you jazz up your plant-based {vegan} dinner!

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  1. LorriePaige says:

    For some strange reason, when I think of “jazzy foods”, I think very spicy. I don’t like spicy foods, but I’m not sure this cookbook has recipes with many spices in the ingredients… But I can always alter the recipe.

    • Vegan Consultant says:

      Hello! Jazzy food is more a play on making vegan food fun. The cool thing about cooking is you can control over the flavor. I’m sure you can find something you love in the cookbook : )