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    Last Thursday I attended Zappo’s “Delivering Happiness” event which highlighted a non-profit I work closely with called Tonopah Community Garden. The night also featured three other speakers who talked about what made them happy and how they found happiness. It was an interesting experience. At first I felt uncomfortable because the format of the evening is out of my comfort zone. For example the host asked random people “What made you happy today?” and the feeling of being asked questions on the spot makes me feel very uncomfortable.  I probably would felt better if I was talking on the stage with a presentation about what makes me happy. I wasn’t sure what to expect and now I am glad it was out of my comfort zone. I want to learn, grow and serve daily and trying something new is a great way to simulate the soul.

    Ok, back to the presentations. I may have a slight bias but due to the crowds reaction Tonopah Community Garden’s mission to green Las Vegas and create better health with locally grown plants got the WHOLE room powered up! Tonopah Community Garden is the 1st community garden in the city, can you believe it? The the success of the garden will create possibilities more green spaces to be possible. I have seen people from all different walks of life join together for this cause. It’s a beautiful sight to see and energy to feel. It was also a great feeling knowing I am of service to such a ground-breaking cause. Two years ago I prayed everyday for a full year for the universe to send me anywhere in the world I can be of serve expect for Las Vegas and look where I ended up : )

    Here are some photos from the presentation.


    After all the presentation were over the question “What makes you happy?” was on my mind. After some soul searching brainstorming, I got to the core of what makes me happy. Here it is:

    Having the freedom, independence, tools and resources to empower people to live a conscious and compassionate lifestyle makes me over the moon happy. Knowing I am serving my local community that is creating a global impact makes me happy. Green smoothies make me happy. Traveling, exploring and laughing makes me happy. My family member and friends who are waking up and asking questions about how to improve their lives makes me happy.  My Vegan Consultant community of supporters who believe in the case makes me super happy!

    I asked the questions “What makes you happy?” on facebook and twitter and here are the answers from our fellow Vegan Consultant community members:

    Vegan food!

    A clean conscience : )

    My dog Marley

    My children and husband

    Nothing you can put a price on.

    Being content with what I have, who I am.

    Knowing in right with the Lord (peace), Little Children! ♥ vegan cooking, vegan baking, Kids, camping, swimming in the lake in the summer, babies, hanging out with my sister, animals, playing my guitar/writing songs/singing, being a Nanny, children!

    Pages like yours, for starts.

    Def my dog…she makes my heart smile everyday with her silly antics.

    Being vegan is my great happiness!

    Being around animals.

    My husband, my Yoga students

    This might b everyones answer from down south; family & food :)

    My (soon to be) Husband, Scott, our FurKid, Franky, my friends and family, being Vegan, living a Cruelty-Free lifestyle, volunteering at Adopt A Stray and just being me!

    Yoga, my family, my amazing dog, healthy living, dancing, music, laughing, support from great people like you!

    My family makes me happy

    Knowing that I tread lightly on the earth, minimising the harm that I do, living consciously and making kind choices.

    From that night I got a sticker that says “Join the Movement” and I put it on my list of top ten life goals as a reminder.

    Want to know what would make me even happier? I would see an innovative company like Zappos who is working diligently to give downtown Las Vegas life again to also make animals, the planet and our health happy. How cool would it be to have city who has faced economic decline raise again but in a more conscious and compassionate way? Having businesses who makes animals, the planet and human’s happy seems like the perfect fit. Zappos if you are reading this, I am here to serve and help you spread even more happiness that will be a positive impact on all living creators and planet! Hope you take me up on my offer.

    Well on that note, what make you happy? And how are you sharing that happiness? I’d love to know : )


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3 Responses so far.

  1. laura smith says:

    hi kelly!what makes me happy? Well, of course family & being a nonna! but lately it’s been growth too & u play a role in that..so thank u!! i love your inspiration, strength & vision. i always think of u when i hear my favorite line from the Jewel song,Hands…”in the end..only kindness matters”. <3

    • Vegan Consultant says:

      Hi Laura!! That makes me SOOO happy! When I was talking about family who are making positive changes, I was thinking of you. Keep on doing what you are doing because I know you are inspiring others. Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me! xoxo

  2. What makes me happy is being part of a larger movement that is so aligned with the 3 major trends I see emerging based around the idea of Planet, People, Profits.