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    These products were great to try and are actually pretty nice because you can eat them hot or cold, there is no cooking required and they are quick and easy to make. You can have Chia Goodness for breakfast or snack or whenever you want a healthy meal. You can also add this to yogurts , oatmeal, and granola.


    All you have to do to make Chia Goodness is measure out two tablespoons into your bowl and then add ¼ cup of water or your choice of milk. Wait 3-5 minutes or until is has thickened up.


    Original: This one is awesome because its just plain, so you can sass it up with any berries or fruit that you want, a dash of cinnamon, some stevia, or anything your in the mood for (vegan chocolate chips?!) This one is probably my favorite because of the many things you can do with it.


    Apple Almond Cinnamon: This one is amazing too! The flavor is so great if you love apple cinnamon flavors. It has the almond for some crunch too which is super yummy.


    Cranberry Ginger: This one is not bad, but certainly is not one that I would buy for myself. The cranberry taste in this one is really good, but for some reason I am not a huge fan of ginger. I felt that the ginger was pretty strong. So if you love ginger this would be a great one for you.


    At only 130 calories per serving, this is packed full with great nutrients for your body, as chia is considered a super food. It is a very nutrient dense, low calorie food to incorporate in your day to give you a great boost of energy, fiber, omega 3, and protein! This is a great product and awesome to add to your pantry for a cereal or delicious snack.
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  1. Alexis says:

    I just went on to the website to buy some and it’s all out of stock.

    • Vegan Consultant says:

      Oh wow! Everyone is loving those chia seeds! I’ll write to them to see when they will re-stock : )

    • Vegan Consultant says:

      Hello! I heard back from the company. Stock is pushing through this week in the US – it will be on shelves early next week and late next week for Canada. Just finished the rest of my samples, so good! : )