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    Saturday was filled with community, consciousness and social change… needless to say that is my kind of day! My morning started off at Vegas Roots Community Garden to work on my garden plot for the ‘giving back‘ project. We have to get the plot ready for Spring planting. In order to get the plot ready, we had to pull out all of the Fall plants that were on their way out. I purposely didn’t go to the gym in the morning because I knew it would be a good work out. Here is a before and after photo.

    The Junior League of Las Vegas, UNLV and Touro MHS had lots of volunteers planting seedlings. There were lots of kids too watering plants, sorting compost and picking plants. It was also great to see new faces at the garden. Here is a picture of the painting for the NEW Vegas Roots Community Garden sign.

    Also while I was in the garden a woman came up to me and asked ‘Are you Kelly Bennett? I’d been following your site and I love what you are doing!’. Feedback like that just gives me such a boost of spirit to get me to the next level of goals. It warmed my heart to know people are finding such value in what I am sharing. So after a couple of hours in the dirt and a boost of spirit, it was off to a town hall meeting. On my way into the meeting, the COLAB downtown gallery (inside Faciliteq) that I’m on the board with was being painted. I was so happy to see this space get fresh paint and come to life. We are getting ready for the gallery opening, you should come! It’s Thursday, April 5th from 6pm to 9pm. The address is 817 S. Main Street Las Vegas, NV 89101 (inside  Faciliteq) I’ll be the door girl for the event so come by and say hi!

    Then it was town hall meeting time! Lots of people gathered to discuss the Greener Blocks project set to happen April 28th and 29th. Holy green goodness… I really can’t use words to explain how excited I am for this event. Since getting involved with the Shift Vegas and Green Jelly movement I have met a whole new world of amazing people in my local community. I can’t believe I didn’t meet these people sooner but at least I know them now. Also they had food catered from Pura Vida… bonus! I was starving from gardening so my vegan burrito felt like it was sent from above.

    After our meeting we walked down the street to see the site for the event. During our meeting we all wrote what we would like to see downtown. I wrote a ‘Conscious Lifestyle Boutique‘. To be honest, I’m not sure what that exactly means but I like the sounds of it. I’m thinking of an interesting space where people can find information, inspiration and community support for shifting into a conscious lifestyle. What do you think? Side note, while I was talking and leading a group of people down the street I totally fell in the street today while someone was telling me how my ups + downs in life inspired them. I literally showed them. It’s all about picking your self back up and being stronger then before! Note to self, don’t wear wedge shoes for downtown walks ; )

    Here are the store fronts we will be taking over. It’s off of Main street and Charleston across from Faciliteq. Perfect spot!

    ‘I wish this was a…’

    Everyone taped their ideas for what they would love to see downtown. Shift Studios took video of the taping of the ideas. They will be posting a kickstarter video very soon to help raise funds for the event. We also held up signs that spells out ‘Build a Greener Block‘ which was a lot of fun. I’m still working on the exact details on how I am going to be involved with the event. On Tuesday I have another meeting with the health + wellness people of the project to see how we can incorporate conscious + compassionate lifestyle into the event. I’ll post more details soon. To get involved with the Greener Blocks project, check out their facebook page for updates. Exciting times ahead for downtown Las Vegas and beyond!

    Update: 03.28.12 Check out this awesome video! ps. My ‘Conscious Lifestyle Boutique’ got in the video, woo hoo!


    Be well,

    Kelly xx


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