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    First of all, thank you all for the kind birthday messages. I had so much fun reading everyone’s positive mantra and greatly appreciated the notes of encouragements. You all rock my world!

    So I’ll be honest. Every year the day before my birthday I freak out… like really get into my own head. It’s a terrible tradition that I need to break. I tend to just focus on what I haven’t accomplished instead of taking time to appreciate all the blessings that come into my life in the past year. Well this year yes I did still freak out however I feel like a totally had a breakthrough. Similar to when I blogged about ‘how to have a breakthrough‘ I had to get really honest with myself, breakdown and then breakthrough. Sometimes I feel like I have the world on my shoulders. This can be due to the nature of my work. Veganism can be really heavy… I am working to same animals from suffering. I have this ticking time clock to do as much as I can everyday to do my part to grow the movement. Thankfully there is a huge community of people doing amazing work so I am just a supporter of what people are all ready pioneering. So the moral of the story is I realized how important the balance is of work and taking time to enjoy life. Yesterday I made a conscious effort to enjoy and I am happy I did.

    My day started with a good work out at the gym followed by my ‘goal seeker super smoothie‘. It’s my new favorite way to start my day. After that I did work on my site for a bit but made sure I didn’t send the whole day in front of the computer. My sister was so sweet and wanted to take me out to lunch. As seen on The Doctors, we don’t usually agree on where to eat. We have totally different tastes and lifestyles. Thankfully the Wynn Hotel is a favorite among the both of us and we went to the Terrace Pointe Cafe which is a new FAVORITE place for the both of us (score!). This was my scenery during my birthday lunch… not too bad ; )

    For lunch I decided to go wild… I ordered vegan French Toast with all the fixings and a mimosa. So glad I did, it was delish!

    Here is a picture me after lunch enjoying the moment. Sometimes I forget how beautiful my Las Vegas backyard is : )

    After lunch my sister and I walked across the street to the Fashion Show Mall. It’s the ultimate shopping experience in Las Vegas. I was really excited because Topshop JUST opened here and it was a favorite shop of mine when I lived in London.

    Most of the clothes are made with vegan-friendly materials. The shoe section… not so much. There was a lot of leather which is not cool. They had one pair of vegan boots but that’s it. The sales girl said that they have more vegan selections online however I did not see much. She did say that if more customers ask for vegan they can bring more into the store. So if you stop by, please put in a good word for vegan shoes!!

    I did however find this super magical horse necklace that I fell in love with. So it was my gift to myself. It just looked like a necklace a vegan consultant would rock ; )

    After lunch and shopping with my sister, it was off to go shopping with my mom. She treated me to new clothes which was so kind of her. She really is the best! Also I received phone calls from my best friends from back home which totally made my day. I miss then dearly.

    So after phone calls and shopping, we were off to the traditional family birthday dinner. Again, it’s difficult to find a restaurant where everyone can eat and enjoy their meal. It’s 3 against 1 in my family for vegan food so I’m usually at a place eating steamed vegetables and rice when out to eat. Thankfully Red Velvet Cafe had something for everyone. I’m not sure if my family loved it as much as I did but at least they went to a new place. They did still eat non-vegan food however they enjoyed vegan dessert. It’s a small step forward. Here is a picture of my favorite dish at Red Velvet Cafe, the vegan veggie pannini. Their vegan cheese and house salad is outstanding.

    accompanied by peach tea.

    followed by my favorite dessert, red velvet cake!

    After family dinner I spent time reading all of my birthday messages from friends, family and readers. It really warmed my heart knowing I have a growing network of people who wish the best for me. I ended the night with such an inspiring conversation with someone new I attracted into my life. My friend shared words of wisdom, insight and support. He shared with me exactly what I needed to hear in order to accomplish what I am working on. I love when moments like that happen!

    Overall it was a breakthrough day that I needed. Today I am going to be speaking at the Zappo’s Delivering Happiness Inspire event. For the first time in a public speaking setting, I will be talking about my passion, conscious lifestyle and work. It was perfect timing that I had such a breakthrough right before I have such a wonderful opportunity to try my hand at public speaking. Again, I love when moments like that happen!

    I’ll be honest and say I am nervous about speaking about something that is so dear to my heart however in order to grow in my personal and professional life, I need to do it. I’m looking forward to how I feel about it. Wish me luck! I’ll report back on how it went. Have a beautiful day and be sure to take time today to appreciate something wonderful in your life.

    Much love!

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  1. Lucy says:

    Loving the magical horse necklace! My kids would go crazy for it too.