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    Let me start out by saying this really is “A regular person’s guide to plant-based, whole foods.”  I flipped through these recipes and they are all fairly simple and basic. I love that this entire e-cookbook is all about YOU! You get to decide how much of what ingredients you want. There are no specific measurements, only some suggestions on how to flavor things. It was actually really fun to play with the recipes and alter it to fit my own taste-buds! Also, Paul states that these are all recipes that he pretty much makes on a weekly basis. So, these are easily things that can be thrown together for meals at anytime and some are quick enough to pop together even with a busy schedule.

    I chose two recipes to make. One meal type recipe and of course a dessert! The first one I made was the Quinoa Salad for lunch. This was actually pretty quick and easy to make compared to a lot of recipes I have made. This meal is super light, tastes amazing, and is packed with protein from the quinoa, almonds, and edamame. The mango in this recipe adds the best flavor. I love pairing quinoa with fruit such as mango or pineapple. So yummy!! This recipe is also great warm or cold, so you could easily make a big batch at the beginning of the week and have lunch pre-made and ready for the entire week! Because it is so easy to make and most of the ingredients you could find in your pantry (especially if you have been vegan for a while) this would be ideal to throw together for a potluck or BBQ with friends and family. I also thought it was pretty cool that you really could swap out any ingredients that you wanted. It is very versatile. I left out the raisins because I am not a raisin fan, but I could have easily used chopped dried apricots or even chopped dates for added sweetness.

    The next recipe I chose was a dessert of course because, well, lets face it, I LOVE sweets!! So being the chocoholic that I am, naturally I chose the Chocolate Pudding. Now, I was a little nervous about this one because the base of the pudding is avocado. And honestly, I have never tried using avocado as a mousse or pudding because it just sounds awful! But I had 4 organic avocados staring at me last night and because I knew I had to use them, what could be better than using them for chocolate pudding?!

    I only made one batch, using one avocado, one banana, and the suggested amounts of the rest of the ingredients. Paul mentions using a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder and a couple of maple syrup. When making this, I did two of each and when I was done and tasted it, I wanted it to be a little sweeter and a little more chocolatey. Instead of adding more maple syrup, I used a little stevia instead, to give it that extra sweetness that I wanted without adding any more calories. This lack of sweetness was also partly my fault because the banana I used wasn’t as ripe as it probably should have been. I think next time I make this I will also add in one more tablespoon of cocoa powder.

    However, this pudding was still awesome! It had the best flavor and you couldn’t even taste the avocado. I for sure thought it was going to taste somewhat like guacamole, but to my surprise it tasted just like chocolate pudding! Made with super healthy ingredients and packed with nutrients, this will cure any sweet tooth and takes just a few minutes to toss together in a blender! I would love to make this for some friends and family and let them guess what the base of this pudding is after tasting it! I’m sure they wouldn’t guess avocado! It really does give the pudding the best creamy texture.

    Paul also has a recipe for an Irish Cream Liquor in this e-cookbook as well. Um, hello! Make your own alcohol, yes please. I haven’t gotten to try this yet, but I’m sure over the weekend I will find time to give this baby a try. To me, there is no better way to indulge in a drink than one that you have put together yourself. They just have better flavor and are more enjoyable.

    Paul has meal ideas at the end too. Just quick, easy thoughts on throwing together some yummy ingredients and making it your way. Very cool, especially if you are one of those people that sits down and thinks, what should I make for dinner this week!? If you are fresh out of ideas, flip to the back and get some tips. Swap in and out ingredients to your liking and viola! Dinner is served.

    You can Eat Awesome too.

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