• Las Vegas is building green neighborhoods, one block at a time.

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    On April 28th and 29th I had the great pleasure of being involved in a ground breaking event in Las Vegas called Build a Greener Block. This event probably sounds familiar because I have been tweeting, facebooking and talking about it for the last month. As you can guess, I am a HUGE fan of what this event represents.

    For those of you who live in Las Vegas, you can understand the need for community and a green community at that. For most of you outside of Las Vegas and from other parts of the world, take my word for it… this was a BIG deal. Las Vegas has a reputation of lacking culture, community and consciousness. It was wonderful to see just one event break every single sterotype in just a weekend!

    Build a Greener Block was inspired by The Better Block which first took run down neighborhoods and turned them into a vibrant block in Texas. The intention is to create a ‘pop up’ block is about 60 days and have it show case what that particular neighborhood wants to see. For example for downtown Las Vegas, we want to see an organic (vegan is you ask me!) foods, cafes, dog parks, boutiques, art, yoga, healthy living resources, etc. and those elements were highlighted in the event.

    The event was headed by Green Jelly which is a group of local green living enthusiast (like myself) who want to make Las Vegas more eco-conscious. The Build a Greener Block was like our group project to show how much community support green living has. The three main principles of Build a Greener Block is community, sustainability and support eco-friendly start-ups. For example the food was served by Raw Fusion which doesn’t have a restaurant YET and with the buzz of the event will gain momentum to have an actual location. Also for me, it was a GREAT way to get the word out about Vegan Consultant and spread the buzz about the new online magazine.

    The core Green Jelly Team which includes Brandon Wiegand, Ciara Bryne, Hanan Sabri, Shavonnah Tiera, and Kat Welniak covers a wide range of talent from real estate, film making, organic food, community activism to construction. With their skills joined with the diverse skill set of the extended community, it was a powerhouse group.

    This whole event was grass-roots and put together by volunteers. We had a Indie Go-Go campaign to raise $6,500+ (city permits alone were $5,000+) to make this event happen. Aside from a few larger donations, this event was truly funded by the people, single $10 donations at a time. In total Build a Greener Block raised over $8,000 from crowd-sourcing. Pretty good for the first time.

    I was at the event working with the Health + Wellness team. We were handing out free positive affirmations, conscious living tips, offering free yoga, stretching clinic, quote boards and big shout out. It was a great opportunity for me to work with people in health and wellness community I recently met. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of how this all went down.

    Check out the before picture. Those are empty run down store fronts. (photo credit: Greener Blocks)

    The clean up and construction crew did an amazing job!!

    Now look at this block!!

    Free bike valet!

    Great sign from Raw Fusion!

    Funky re-purposed pop up boutique for the event. Looked like it was there for years.

    Who would have thought this block would be hosting outdoor yoga? Thanks LuLuLemon for coming and bring your crew.

    This was the FREE affirmations station. This picture is of John Tew (The Beauty Guru), me and Maggie Lyons (Positive Seeds Health Coaching). People said they LOVED their affirmations and for some this was the first time saying affirmations. It was so much fun to share in the joy of people affirming their passions in life. We also handed out 10 tips for Conscious Living that I created to give people starting points for a holistic life.

    My dad come to the event and said his first affirmation on the Big Shout out!

     Also it was so COOL to meet some of our readers live and in person at the event for the first time.  Thank you guys : )

    Raw Fusion was serving ROCKIN’ raw vegan food!! I ate this kale salad twice over the weekend. A few people came up to me after the event and said if they can eat vegan food like Raw Fusion, they would go veg. How cool is that?! Hopefully we’ll see a real Raw Fusion restaurant soon!

    It’s estimated that around 1000+ people came to the event over the weekend. Someone came all the way from Colorado to be a part of the event because it was such a ground breaking event. Can you image how this will grow?! Can’t wait.

    I wanted to say a BIG thank you to James Wong of Studio 222 for leading the Health + Wellness team. If you are looking for personal training in an eco-friendly studio, check them out! Also big thanks to Joyce Sportsman for her and her family’s hard work to bring it all together. Everyone’s hard work to make this event possible. As an owner of a new start-up, it really proved that Vegan Consultant has a home and community that supports us in Las Vegas. Woo Hoo!

    To keep updated on what’s next, visit Greener Blocks and their facebook page for updates.

    See you at the next one!