• Review: Malibu C Hard Water Shampoo + Conditioner

    Posted on June 5, 2012 by in BEAUTY + STYLE

    The kind folks of Malibu C sent me their hard water shampoo and conditioner treatment for hard water treatment. They must had known I was in the market for new shampoo. Since going vegan, I swear my hair has gotten thicker but now it’s harder to manage. Also I am currently living in Las Vegas which is dry and has hard water. When I received their products, I was eager to start using it.

    For the packaging along, I started to love their products. It was great to see 100% vegan on the front of the bottle. Remember, most shampoos found in drug stores were most likely tested on animals and contain some animal by-product. Also their commitment to being mindful of water use, ec0-packaging, 100% vegan and using plant-based materials is great. When sign on to their website, it will give you an over view of the water in your local area. How refreshing?!

    The full size bottles lasted over four months and by the end, I really fell in love with their shampoo. It felt my hair smooth, manageable, smelling good and of course cruelty-free. Also it didn’t sting my eyes which is cool too.

    The only downside is I felt their conditioner created some build-up in my hair. I stopped using the conditioner and any build-up went away. I used their hard water treatment and that was good to clear up build-up as well.

    Overall, huge fan of their shampoo. I think it’s great especially for those in hard water areas of the country. If you try it also, let me know what you think.




    Thanks Malibu C for awesome hair days!

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  1. Malibu C says:

    Thanks for the stellar review of our Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo! Enjoy and be well!