• How to find a vegan lover? Part 1

    Posted on July 6, 2012 by in COMMUNITY


    Good question right? I know I’m not the only vegan out there looking for that special veggie that tickles their tofu. I know this because since I posted yesterday about my tips for vegan dating, many of you loved the idea. I even got a phone call about it from a friend in New York. That’s telling me something.

    Considering I am single and figuring out vegan dating myself, I’m going to start posting about my own personal quest. This idea actually scared the crap out of me a lot so that’s why I have to do it. I blog a lot of my personal thoughts but never this deep. This might be a royal disaster or super amazing… we’ll have to wait and see.

    Fair warning, it’s probably not going to go by any plan…. My dating past has been filled with awkward, some magical and then back to awkward situations. I have had some really good dates but again most of them ended up a funny story to share with girlfriends. It has improved in recent times however it’s still a work in progress.  But it’s a NEW day, and a NEW attitude.

    To get started I’ll follow my own advice to know myself. I will go on casual dinner dates with non vegans and so far they choice to eat vegan food with me. I never told them they ‘had to’ but out of respect for me they did. Which I thought was really nice. However, I don’t see myself being in a committed relationship with a non vegan because our ethics and values would be so different. I feel like there would be a real disconnect. The goal is to find a vegan that is super amazing.

    Right now I’m going to experiment with vegan online dating sites… considering there are not that many vegans in my area, don’t know how useful this will be. I’ll also try good of fashion friendliness too. If no one is interested in me that will just be embarrassing so I hope I have a story here! I never did anything like this before… but in the name of ‘research’ I’ll try it! ; )

    Wish me luck!!

    ps. This idea was totally inspired by Bravo’s Miss Advised… Secret pleasure watching reality tv.  Now you know my secret.

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  1. ntathu allen says:

    Wooohooo you. How exciting! The universe has your perfect partner waiting just around the corner….enjoy the journey.

    • vegan consultant says:

      Thank you! I was closed off for a while. It’s nice to free myself in this way… Looking forward to this new journey : ) Thanks for the love xx

  2. Ricardo Angel Laguna says:

    this is awesome! have you found that someone yet? cause if not that someone might of been lead to you;) – Anhel

    • vegan consultant says:

      Thank you!! I’m finding some pretty amazing people I must say : ) I’ll be posting more soon xx

  3. Mexican Guy :) says:

    I also would like to have a boyfriend that is vegan, but girl!… It’s gonna be harder for me because, number 1: I’m Gay… And numer 2: i’m from Mexico… And the veganism in mexico SO not popular… So, don’t lose hope xD

    • vegan consultant says:

      Hello dear! Please don’t every lose hope… I suggest taking a change on dating an open minded person seeking a vegan lifestyle but who may not be fully there yet… You may be pleasantly surprised on who you find ♥ Remember, you just need ONE special person… I have FULL FAITH your special one is around you. Open your HEART more and you’re eyes will see more possibilities. Keep in touch!! xoxo

  4. ChocolateVegan says:

    I was a sexual being before I stopped eating meat and now that I am going in to dietary veganism I have had my meat eating friends to me how good they think I smeel aaaaand I have so much energy. I abhor the way a girl smells with meat in her teeth it coming out of her pores. I want to find a lover. But I am in Flotida-the deep south-being vegan or vegetarian is almost like being an alien!!