• Joan Bennett goes vegan (for 30 days)

    Posted on July 8, 2012 by in COMMUNITY

    I have really great news to share. My mom Joan Bennett is taking the next step in her conscious living journey and will eat vegan for the next 30 days (hopefully longer).

    For the past year and a half I have been staying at my parents house to while I get Vegan Consultant off the ground. Ironically I am doing so in a not so vegan house hold. During the time I have been sharing with my family all of the benefits of living vegan. Maybe at times even over sharing. Never the less, I got my moms attention when I was talking about the weight-loss, energy and mental clarity from eating vegan. I usually don’t lead with those benefits however eating vegan does give a great change for reaching your ideal weight.

    Last week my mom ask me to create a plan for her to ‘Go vegan for 30 days’. I was doing jumping jacks in my mind but stayed calm, I wanted to see how serious she was. She has always been open about trying different diets and trying the newest health and beauty trend. My mom was the first person to introduce me to yoga, meditation, cleanses, spirituality, The Secret and different diets like South Beach, Atkins,etc. I agreed to create a strategy custom to my mom’s goals and be that support she needs. Also I spent time with her exampling how this isn’t just a ‘diet’, it’s a conscious lifestyle shift. I wanted to make sure she had  a full understanding of what she was embarking on.

    We spend time going over a Q & A to give me an idea of what she’s looking to accomplish and then figure out how I can support her. I am not a nutritionist, health coach, doctor so my advice is not coming from that space. I think of myself as a ‘lifestyle designer’, empowering people to create their authentic conscious lifestyle. For example, I will help guide her to the solutions she needs to accomplish her  goals. If she wants a nutritionist, reiki, etc. I will help her vet the practitioners and suggest solutions however she will be the one making the changes. I am creating the road map, she remains the driver. Also important to note, my mom went to the doctor recently and she’s in good health. That is always important to double check before making a lifestyle change.

    After getting the green light on her health, it was action planning time. My favorite! Here are the questions I asked her:

    1. Why do you want to do a 30 day vegan cleanse?

    2. What are your ideal outcomes?

    3. How dedicated are you to the journey?

    4. Will you allow me to support you where I feel I can be of service?

    5. How will you be working towards your goal?

    6. How would you describe what your diet will look like for the next 30 days?

    7. If you accomplish your goals, how will you feel?

    8. What does your typical day look like now?

    9. How would you describe this shift into vegan eating?

    10. What would you like to eat tomorrow?

    Overall, she is looking to increase her metabolic rate, weight lose around 15 pounds, cleanse toxins out of system and feel good in her clothes. The feeling she would feel from accomplishing those goals includes happiness, health, accomplishment and more confident in clothing.

    Based on her personal goals, I am going to introduce her to whole food plant-based into her diet and look for oil free, organic, non GMO options when available. She did focus on what she was cutting out like meat, dairy, eggs and wine (for the beginning). Veganism to her as of today is ‘extreme’ and a challenge. She pointed out that she doesn’t want to feel hunger and not have anything to eat when she gets home. It’s good to be real and say how you feel. Now I know they key is to make simple choices that are plant-based, healthy and convenient for her.

    Along with introducing new foods into her diet, there will be positive mantras, meditation and pray included also. I personally find the spiritual connection of veganism to be the most powerful and she is already open minded to this which is great. The purpose is for her to feel as if she is already happy, healthy, accomplished and confident and now she is making food choices to fuel the shift. I will include the amount of animals she is saving and her environmental impact during the journey to introduce her to a vegan lifestyle, not just the food.

    We are going to have weekly ‘check ins’ so see how she is feeling. We’ll see what is and isn’t working and make changes accordingly. If you are creating a lifestyle change as well, I suggest getting a journal and writing your own answers to the questions above to help get you in the right mind set. See how your inner most spirit really wants to live.

    Here is the game plan for day 1!


    -Positive mantras

    –  First thing in the morning for about 5 minutes to get her mind in a state of happiness, health, accomplishment and confidence. For mothers day, I created her a vision board that did include her eating plant-based foods and feeling amazing. I’m going to expand on this as the journey continues.


    – Vanilla vegan protein shake

    – Fresh fruit


    -Whole wheat pasta, steamed broccoli and baby tomatoes (oil free)



    -Still have to think of some thing to make… Any ideas?

    -Evening meditation time

    -We are going to spend some time walking when it gets cool and do light meditation in our court yard.

    I am going to support my mothers journey and help guide her in a plant-based direction from a loving place not a perfectionist mentality. If she ‘falls off the wagon’ or wants to stop, I’ll support her and do my best to help her where she needs me. I do have a natural tendency to be a perfectionist. This whole journey for me becoming ‘The Vegan Consultant’ has showed me the value of the journey not a perfect destination. Also my mom is really blunt so if she’s not feeling my help, she’ll let me know!

    She did have her ‘last supper’ which did include meat, dairy, few glasses of wine, GMO vegetable oil and table salt. I told her to enjoy it because tomorrow marks a NEW beginning. She is excited and when I get my webcam working, I’ll make a video with her. She’s been wanting to get on YouTube so this is perfect! My mom loved all the messages on facebook and says a BIG ‘Thank you!’ with her Italian New York accent. If you are shifting into eating vegan, let me know. Support is KEY for any type of lifestyle changes.

    Till next time, eat those veggies! xx

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