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    Hello my beautiful friends,
    As I have been blogging, facebooking, tweeting and talking for the last couple of months about a NEW health and wellness group in Las Vegas called The Reset ProjectI’m happy to report that it is really taking off. Woo Hoo!! This picture is of our new t-shirts.This group is dedicated to creating a healthier community in Las Vegas by resetting the mind, body and spirit.


    It’s a GREAT opportunity for me to include vegan ethics in a new way while working with an AMAZING group of people. Seriously, my team members on this project are outstanding.Team members include James Wong who owns Studio222 which is Las Vegas’ FIRST (and I think only) eco-savvy fitness studio, Alexia Vernon is a super start leading a ‘moxie revolution’, Rich Belskey who is the ‘meditation guy’ and juicing enthusiast, Jennifer Sanchez who is a vegan champ, and Lauralie Ezra  who connected all of us to make this happen. They really inspire me because they all come from a unique space and have something exciting to bring to the table. During the time I’ve been involved with the group, I’ve already been more organized with Vegan Consultant. Everyone is so open and shares insight on growing a business with soul. I’m usually not someone who works well in groups, I’ll be honest… I tend to work on my own however this group is great. I know you’ll love them too.

    Our next event is happening Sunday, August 5th, from 7am – 10am. This will be our 3rd Sunday Reset Project and each month we are growing. Now before you tell me ‘Kelly, that is too f-en early on a Sunday!’ I totally understand BUT this is so worth it. Even if you party Saturday night, take a power nap and meet us downtown. It will be a GREAT hang over cure too. It’s such a unique experience event in Vegas. You won’t love me at 6:30am when your alarm is going off but by the end… you’ll feel amazing!We have a morning planned for you jam packed with activities to get you to MOVE. STRETCH. MEDITATE. ACT. and EAT.

    MOVE: 45 minutes of walking/running. Meet up at in downtown Las Vegas at 7am. We will take a 1 mile urban hike, or for those who want more of a workout we’ll be taking a group on a 5k run. Lead by Amy Finchem and Rachel Lipman.

    STRETCH: Let’s meet back in the space after your exercise route to stretch out. Lead by Jennifer Knox.

    MEDITATE: Now time to slow your mind with quiet time. We will provide some guidance to get you going. Lead by Rich Belsky and Joyce Sportsman.

    ACT: It’s time to put what you learned into action and live fearlessly for vibrant health. Lead by Alexia Vernon. 

    EAT: Lastly, time to replenish and complete your morning with a group breakfast, catered by local vegan chef Donald Lemperle. We’ll eat healthy and fuel up for our day and the week ahead! Lead by myself, Chef Donald Lemperle and Organic Edibles.

    For icing on the cake, our EAT portion will be whole grain french toast topped it with assortment of fresh berries, organic coconut flakes and drizzled with strawberry flavored organic agave syrup. Needless to say, it’s going to be DELICIOUS. If you’re a Las Vegas local or will be in town, JOIN us. I’d love to share this event with you. Also, word on the street is we’ll have a ‘pop up’ veggie stand. One stop shop for all things health and wellness.

    RSVP today to save $5 on entry and save your spot, space is limited. See you Sunday!







    Be well,

    Kelly xx


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