• Vegan Eats, Vegan Friends, and Kinda Veganish Lover

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    Hello friends!

    I had such an AMAZING weekend and have so much catching up to do with you all. I figured I’d start with the really fun stuff… ‘How to Find a Vegan Lover’ update. Last week I had three dates (two with the same person). I did some extra ‘research’ for you all, you’re welcome!

    One date was casual, awkward at times and made me realize I wanted more depth. At least I gave it a shot. I think this person would be a good friend but not lover which is fine by me. The person isn’t vegan however very conscious and ‘earthy’.

    The other date was seriously the BEST first date I’ve had in a really long time. Seriously. Remember when I posted about the type of masculine energy I am attracted to? Well my date totally embodies that which was evidence that I am really getting into my flow.

    My date took me to the Wynn where we had cocktails and a great dinner. Barnivore.com was working on overload that night with all the exotic choices in booze. We did our best to find a vegan-friendly cocktail. The management was really interested in the site and was happy to learn about it. Random act of activism by wanting to have a cocktail… That’s my type of outreach!


    After drinks, we had dinner at Sinatra which had a great vibe. I had a pasta dish with vegan ricotta cheese and sweet corn sauce. (ask for extra sauce). My date had their Gardein chic’n parm. This was also the FIRST time my date ate vegan food!! Happy to report back that he really enjoyed his first adventure into the amazing world of vegan food. Here is a picture of my dinner. Sorry for the poor photo quality… the Wynn has the worst lighting for food pictures.

    Over dinner my date was super interested in my work and really did his homework about veganism, what I do and conscious living in general. It was so refreshing to meet someone who went above and beyond to really understand what morals and ethics I stand so passionately for. My date isn’t vegan however he was very engaged in sharing what he learned about the lifestyle. He has been on a path to living more consciously and was starting to learn more about the lifestyle before I met which is really cool. We originally met talking about social media at a coffee shop because we both in media and the conversation about veganism happened (kinda) organically. I may or may not have brought it up ; )

    One thought that keep rushing in my mind was ‘Holy Sh*t! Did he read about my quest to find a vegan lover?!’ I wasn’t sure if that would either just him a heads up to understand me or a negative… I did come out and asked him if he read it and thankfully, he missed that post… Phew! This is the first time I have ever blogged about dating and the first time in a while that I have been actively dating so that was a scary combo for me. Thankfully my date was super cool and has a good sense of humor which made that only nerve racking situation go smoothly.

    The date ended well and we had plans to meet a few days later at Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro  for lunch and have a FULL vegan experience. I had told Chef Mayra I was coming with a friend who isn’t vegan and she (as always) made him feel REALLY welcomed. He became a fan right away.

    When we were looking at the menu, he was asking me about vegan alternatives for Caesars dressing and BAM! Chef Mayra had a kick-ass vegan Caesars dressing for our colorful salad. Again, he was sold. Sorry I don’t have more pictures of our whole meal, we can’t wait to take pictures to start eating it which is a good sign. Even though we were full, we did have Chef Mayra’s lemon cake which was a perfect dish to seal the deal on how amazing vegan food is. Take my word for it, it was DELICIOUS.

    Also when I was on my date, I ran into Christina from Veggiefy. I always talk to her online and we randomly met each other offline at Pura Vida which made the experience that much better.

     After our lunch date, we went to First Friday in downtown Las Vegas. We met up with another super cool person I know from Vegan Consultant named Sierra Nicole of Sierra Nicole Designs.

     She made me a ‘I am the Change’ bracelet which I am in LOVE with. She has so many cool bracelets, necklaces, cards, etc. LOOK her up for a spark of stylish inspiration! Also she’s a vegan which makes her super cool as well. Check out my new ‘I’ll never take it off bracelet’.

    As you can see, it was a pretty kick-ass time. Good food, vegan friends, and a really cool guy wanting to get to know me and veganism… stop it! Well I’m happy to report back that I have plans this weekend with my ‘kinda veganish lover’.

    Since starting dating again and blogging about it, I have faced a lot of fears that I thought I was over but apparently wasn’t. Now however I feel so empowered by being the most authentic version of my self as possible and having the ability to share with you all this new chapter in my life. If you are on a similar path, I hope that my sharing gives you inspiration to put your authentic self out there and have confidence doing so.

    As you can tell, I am smitten however I am not attached to a certain outcome. When I try to figure it all out, that is when it goes to hell in a hand basket real quick. I’m working on staying present, enjoying the moment for what it is and allowing new relationships to flow and grow. Looking forward to reporting back.

    Are you dating? Are you looking for a vegan or veganish lover? Let me know. I’d love to hear your story.

    Be well,

    Kelly xx


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