• Why to Get Back on the Yoga Train

    Posted on August 14, 2012 by in HEALTH + WELLNESS

    As I blog my journey about living my authentic truth and building my vegan empire… I have been facing MANY fears, blockages and stress. These feelings are common when spreading your wings to new heights however if not treated properly, they can have so much power over my mind, body and spirit.

    With my life coaching work, I empower my clients to free their inner spirit because I know too well how it feels to be ‘trapped’. I am thankful for all my experiences even the shitty ones because they helped create who I am today. With that said, as I continue to grow, stretch to new heights and vibrations the fears from my past still creep up on me.

    I use to do yoga a lot in New York when I was in collage and the last night I lived in New York City, I’d go to yoga every Sunday with friends. Over the past year and a half of re-building my self and being in Las Vegas, I totally feel off the yoga train.

    Thankfully, over the last couple of months I have been co-working on The Reset Project. We developing programs and events to create a vibrant community that makes conscious living fun, simple and convenient with the help of Las Vegas’ top health, wellness and community leaders. Our mission is to build a connected community focused on a healthy mind, body and soul lifestyle. One aspect of the project is having a yoga session during our monthly Sunday Reset Project events.

    Since doing a simple yoga session once a month as inspired me to get back on the yoga train to give my fears a hard kick to the curb. This week I signed up for two classes with one of my girlfriends and my goal is to attend 2-3 classes per week. In one class, I feel so much more focused! Today I had a great breakdown and BREAKTHROUGH. Honestly, this was actually want I needed to add back into my life to ramp up my flow. Also many of yoga’s principals are aligned with veganism which I love!

    Just after class I got cooking on writing which I have been putting off and got some wonderful fear busting practice in action. (I’ll post this week what how to bust fears). So if you have fallen off the yoga train as well, I really suggest hopping back on at your own pace. Let me know how you feel in the morning : )

    Question for my yoga lovers out there, what is your favorite type of yoga? Looking for more ideas!


    Be well,

    Kelly xx


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  1. Hi Kelly, I’m excited to read that you’re getting back into yoga. I’ve been practicing Ashtanga yoga for over ten years now. It’s physically rigorous, but very healing on many levels, starting with the physical. The order of the postures is always the same, but the sequence has been very thoroughly thought out and tested – it’s like a combination lock, where each posture prepares your body for the ones that come after. When you are dedicated to a consistent practice like the Ashtanga primary series, you learn a lot about yourself, because when you step onto your mat each day, you are the only variable in the equation. The practice makes it perfectly clear where you are that day, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, because if you feel tired or scatterbrained or unfocused, it’s not because you did particularly tough postures or experimented with a different sequence – it’s all you. The yoga sutras define “yoga” as the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. I find that, for me, there is no clearer path to stilling the mind than through the physical asana practice and breath prescribed in the Ashtanga system. It’s a lifelong practice, but if you’re consistent, it changes you over time, in some cases so slowly and subtly that you don’t even realize it’s happening. But the transformation occurs, and it’s wonderful and faith-building and inspiring :)

    • vegan consultant says:

      Hello love! That is an AWESOME WAY to explain yoga… good for you!! I’m going to remember that while I get back on the yoga train. Thanks for the motivation! xo