• European Union Announced a New Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics

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    According to the New York Times, on Monday the European Union announced a new ban on the import and sales animal-tested cosmetics. This is fantastic news to save more animals from needless suffering.

    This is the second ban the E.U. created since 2004 when they banned animal testing of finished cosmetic products. The newest ban took awhile to happen because of the billion dollar cosmetic industry lobbying including cosmetic giant L’Oréal.

    L’Oréal said they would respect the ban and “no longer sell in Europe any finished product with an ingredient that was tested on animals”.

    From the article, it sounds like Europe’s intent includes a huge push to stop animal testing in international markets such as China. Currently, China requires animal testing for cosmetics sold in the country. This ban will attempt to push alternatives for cosmetic safety.

    Colin Mackay, a spokesman for Cosmetics Europe, a trade association said “Europe’s idea is to put more pressure on other parts of the world to end animal testing, but the science doesn’t match that political timetable,” and that consumers won’t have access to new products as fast because they can’t ensure that some ingredients will be safe without access to suitable and adequate testing.

    I have a feeling consumers will be open to waiting for cruelty-free cosmetics. Hopefully the United States will follow the E.U.’s lead and create a similar ban.

    Cheers to those who made this possible!

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