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    Traveling vegan and staying healthy can be challenging at times. Most airports, train stations, and bus deports are still serving the most unhealthy foods that you can get your hands on. Thankfully, there has been a noticeable shift towards providing more health, vegan options however there is still a lot of progress needed to be made.

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned is not leaving healthy, vegan eating up to chance. With some easy prep-work and following my simple guidelines, your travel experience can be healthy and 100% plant-based powered.

    Here are my insider tips!


    The Prep-Work

    Usually we know at least a week or even months in advance to traveling, especially when flying. Use the time before your trip to prepare your health for traveling.

    2-3 days before your trip, load up on:


    1. Start your mornings with a raw, vegan, organic, green juice or smoothie

    2. Eat water dense organic fruits for breakfast and afternoon snacks

    3. Drink raw coconut water (if not available, try Smart Water) for electrolytes

    4. Lower intake of seeds, nuts, and plant-based fats

    5. Eat a raw, organic nutrient dense green salad for lunch

    6. Lower intake of beans and cooked foods

    7. Drink ginger tea or raw ginger kombucha to help aid digestion

    WHY: The intent is to keep your body extra hydrated, highly nourished with vitamins and minerals, and eating foods and drinks that are easy to digest for a clean colon before traveling.


    Day of Traveling

    Start your morning with a green juice or smoothie. Then pack your favorite small cooler with the following essentials:

    1. Organic fruits that are easy to travel with

    2. Raw snacks

    3. Raw, vegan sweet treat  (it helps if your stuck at the airport and need a ‘pick me up’!)

    4. Gluten-free oat cereal that’s easy to travel with

    5. Organic veggies that are easy to travel with

    6. Green powder mix single sticks

    7. Stay clear of processed vegan foods, especially ones with gluten


    1. Go Raw Live Pumpkin bar and Carrot Cake Super Cookies (seriously, SO GOOD!)

    2. Emmy’s Coconut Vanilla macaroons

    3. Hail Merry

    4. Vigilant Eats

    5. Organic bananas

    6. Organic avocado

    7. Organic carrot sticks

    8. Raw almonds

    9. Organic lemons

    10. Amazing Greens powder single sticks

    What to Keep in Mind During Trip


     1. Stay as organic as possible

     2. Load up on fiber filled organic vegetables from all colors of the rainbow

    3. Make sure you are eliminating and digesting regularly. Usually during traveling we get backed up. If this happens, try drinking raw, pear juice in the morning or 6oz of black coffee with cinnamon.

    4. Drink your green powder juices

    5. Drink lots of lemon water

    6. Enjoy local food finds in moderation, especially if they have processed vegan ingredients (like fake cheese and fake meats) or gluten

    7. Share about your vegan food finds with friends, family, and community (not really a healthy living tip but an opportunity for yummy outreach)

    Recovery After Travels

    1. Eat similar to ‘Prep-Work’

    2. Take a morning shot of wheatgrass to give rich chlrophyll into your body

    3. Load up on ginger to re-boot your immune system and kick-start digestion

    4. Drinking carrot juice is great for a liver flush, especially if our travels included nights out on the town

    Remember these three key tips: prepare, eat mostly raw, find as much organic veggies as possible.

    Be well
    and Safe travels!

    Kelly xx


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  1. I think I needed this. Sometimes when you’re not prepared you’ll end up eating chips, packaged nuts or some other quasi vegan junk foods. And in those cases where I want fruit, i’m usually terrified of any fruit being sold in a gas station store. But preparation is indeed the key. I guess it also depends on how long the road trip is b/c I think I’d be good with the Go Raw Super Cookies and a banana for a short 3-4 hr long road trip.


      Preparation is half the battle. Those Go Raw Super Cookies are a life savor! Also be sure to prep your body for a travel, it really helps keep you on track. Safe travels!