At Gentle Barn with Buttercup

At Gentle Barn with Buttercup

About Me

Hello! I am Jenn, the face behind VeganConsultant.com. I love to eat plants, run, hike, hug animals and take pictures of my food (only because I want to show people how awesome it is!) I live in Las Vegas, NV with my boyfriend and 2 small dogs, a tripawd miniature pinscher and a miniature poodle.

In June of 2009 I read a book that changed my life. The book Skinny Bitch shifted my mentality and opened my eyes about our food system, the meat and dairy industry and what I considered “healthy” foods. At that point I decided that I would change my diet and eliminate all meat except for fish and seafood from my diet. I also stopped drinking milk but didn’t give up dairy, milk grossed me out but the rest didn’t for some weird reason (I think it was a visual thing for me.) This shift began a conscious revolution for me, I began to question everything, from that I was eating, wearing and putting on my body, to what society thought was¬†normal, to religion and ideologies. With this mindset change I began to relearn what I thought I should know, I loaded my brain with books, documentaries and talked to people on what their thoughts and ideas were. Eventually the shift led me to a vegan lifestyle and I felt like I was living my truth. My core values finally matched the lifestyle that I was aspiring to live, I had always loved animals, I wanted to help protect our planet and I was health conscious. After watching Forks over Knives in 2011, I decided to take on the vegan lifestyle full on. Because I have always been health conscious I also decided to take a whole foods, plant-based, vegan approach to how I eat. While I occasionally do eat vegan cupcakes and vegan pizza, I try my best to eat mainly fresh, organic, whole foods that will fuel my body and make me feel energized.

I have an education in marketing but after searching for jobs in the corporate world I realized I didn’t want to spend my life promoting products, companies or ideas that I didn’t believe in. After a frustrating search and while working in a corporate job that wasn’t satisfying my need to contribute to the world, I realized that the “job” I was looking for didn’t exist. I wanted to take my passion of eating plants and helping animals and my background in marketing to create a way for me to contribute. I wanted to be a vegan consultant! I had learned so much from my journey and continue to learn to the day, as I grow and evolve into a better human being and want to share my experiences with you. That is why I wanted to take on this role, through my experiences and my education, I want to help you make cruelty free, healthier, and more sustainable choices. Living a vegan lifestyle has been the best decision I have ever made, and I have learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way that can help guide you to make more of those cruelty free, healthier choices as well.¬†

My purpose is to help people live more compassionate, healthier and sustainable lives through the power of making vegan choices.


About the Website

My dear friend and mentor Kelly Bennett originally started the website veganconsultant.com but as her vision changed, she shifted her business into her personal brand at KellyBennett.net. I wanted to keep her vision of the website alive, so I took over and have been dreaming the past year about what I want this site to be for you.

The intention of Vegan Consultant is to help people make more plant powered, compassionate choices. I know the challenges that arise when shifting an entire lifestyle, so I wanted a place where you could come to find resources, guidance, recipes, tips, tricks and inspiration to help you make these changes and to help make the choices easier for you.

I believe that life is a journey and this lifestyle is a journey because we continue to learn and grow every day. I believe that we should enjoy the process and treat ourselves and others in the most loving way possible, free of judgment and full of compassion. This website is a judgement free zone, I want us to build a community of understanding where each of us in our journey and helping inspire positive change through leading by example.

Enjoy the Journey,