Good morning friends, readers, and community!

Today is bitter sweet. It’s a bitter sweet because I am publicly announcing the sale of VeganConsultant.com.

Since launching the site in February 2011, I’ve embarked on one of the most amazing, exciting, eye-opening, challenging, and heart warming experience. I launched the site with the intent of sharing what I had learned about living a vegan lifestyle, make vegan friends, and educate non veggies on how-to make more plant-based choices. To my surprise, it was a HUGE success!! The site was voted Top 50 Vegan Blogs in 2012 by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating (right along VegNews), won BEST in diet + health website in 2011 by Intent.com, I was featured on The Doctors, written up in the Huffington Post, asked to speak at amazing events coast-to-coast, helped family and friends get healthier, and attracted a great community of thousands of readers around the world!

The site open doors for me to start coaching people on how-to live a plant-based diet, sharped by social media skills, taught me how-to develop a website, allowed me to work on my thesis of creating value-added content, and honestly launched my career! I had NO IDEA any of this was possible when I started… Really it’s beyond words that I can explain how it has impacted my life and business.

I know the site has so much more potential to grow, educate more people, and create sustainable revenue. VeganConsultant.com has such a solid ring to it and was always a great conversation starter.  The only thing is my personal business has recently FLOURISHED (thanks to VeganConsultant.com) and needs 1000% of my time and energy. I know deep down in my heart there is someone or a small business that can really launch the site to the next level, beyond what I can create right now. You know the saying if you love something let it go? I know I have to let go and allow someone else to take it to new heights and I’ll be cheering all the way!!

I’m writing to you because I’d love to sell the site to someone amazing within our community. 

Have you dreamed of owning a vegan business? Want to give your current vegan business an awesome kick-in-the-ass with a great domain? Wished you could educate people about veganism? This is your opportunity!!!

If this is something that feels right to you, please fill out the inquiry form below. 

Now the fun part… The COST. You’ll notice I am allowing people to place their bid for the site. I’m not looking to make big money here, rather see it go to someone or a business that has the best intent for it. My goal is to raise enough funds to invest in a new website for my personal brand (KellyBennett.net), take myself out to a great vegan meal to celebrate the journey, and share a slice of the sale to whoever helped make it happen (that can be you, keep reading). You name your price and why you wish to purchase VeganConsultant.com and it could be yours!!!

If this isn’t something you are ready to embark on right now, I’d really, really, appreciate it if you’d share this with your friends, network, or anyone else you think would be a great fit. To sweeten the deal for you, I’ll be happy to give you 20% off the sale!!! SUPER simple way to make some extra cash this summer : ) 

One of my new projects is called SPARK* LIfe TV. Sharing how-to live a simple, pure, awake, radical, and kind life – hosted by yours truly. I’m so excited for this!! Follow on instagram leading to the launch. I wanted to also assure you that I’m still livin’ the good plant-based life and working on a NEW, fresh project to share it that is more aligned with my vision.

You all have blessed my life beyond words and I’m internally grateful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything!

Talk soon,

Kelly xoxo