Collection of love has received from the press,community, and readers.

Many thanks and lots of love!


‘My transition was easy due to many passionate people helping like Happy Herbivore, Quantum Vegan and’ – Cheryl

‘In all your imperfections you made it just perfect. It was at that moment when i knew you’re not just a brand but a REAL PERSON LIVING YOUR DREAMS. And it makes everything u say REAL too!’. – Marcos L

‘You are such a positive and inspiring vegan. Hugs xo’ – Melissa O

‘Inspirational and informative’ – Eco Vegan Gal

‘… so much need for education so consumers can truly use their dollars and influence to support a real difference, effect real change…in time for our children. And, not be surprised when they still get sick in spite of choices they thought were healthy. It comes down to education…and you are doing just that…THANK YOU! I hope there is a place for my voice as well somewhere. God bless and keep you well, your loved ones in his merciful and loving embrace and your day filled with his peace.’ – Becky

‘I’m so happy to find such a great place here. I am the only vegan person in my family, or even that I can find where I live. Sometimes I feel alone, but, I feel supported & understood here =)’ – Elissa

‘Love all the great information!! Look forward to it and I share it with my family and friends! Keep up the good work!!’ – Joan B.

‘Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share my experience of becoming vegan!’ – Kriss Y.

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